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January 2014 Dr Kasey C Kesselring From the Headmaster DR

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Academy, Tips. The dreaded DBQ, or “document-based question,” is an essay question type on the AP History exams (AP US History, AP European History, and AP World History). For the DBQ essay, you will be asked to analyze some historical issue or trend with the argumentative words and Burton aid of the provided sources, or documents, as evidence. The DBQ is an unfamiliar type of in-class essay for many students, but it does not need to be a source of dread or panic. In this guide I'll go over writing compare and contrast essays Montverde Academy, the DBQ's purpose and format, what the documents are and how to use them, how this type of essay is scored, and how to prepare. I'll tell you everything you need to rock this unique type of essay! Note: The rubric, guidelines, and skills tested for all of the History APs are identical; only the historical source material is different.

As a veteran of the DBQ, I'm here to writing for kids worksheet answer all your questions. Compare And Contrast Essays Montverde Academy! Why do the AP History exams even have a document-based question? What will it look like on the exam? What are these documents, anyways? Let's dive right in. This baby is Ashville College too young to be diving into the DBQ!

The point of the document-based question is not to compare and contrast essays Montverde torment you but actually to put you in the historian’s shoes as an interpreter of historical material. Cool, right? The DBQ is testing your ability to: create a strong thesis and support that thesis with the a college paper aid of the documents provided analyze sources for characteristics such as author’s point of view, the author's purpose, the audience, and and contrast essays Montverde, context make connections between the documents bring in outside knowledge to strengthen the argument. This may sound like a tall order, but you probably already use all these skills all the words Burr Academy time. Suppose your friend asks for your help in deciding whether to and contrast essays Montverde Academy buy a particular new brand of soccer ball. You have used the soccer ball, so you have personal knowledge about it, but he doesn’t just want your opinion—he wants evidence! (Your friend takes buying soccer balls very seriously). So first, you collect information (your “documents”). These could include: online reviews of the soccer ball your brother’s opinion the price at honors College the store the cost of other soccer balls ads for the soccer ball. Next, you'll analyze these documents to make a decision about whether the writing and contrast essays Academy ball is a good purchase for your friend or not. Argumentative Burr And Burton! For that, you might: Assess bias (also known as the author’s point of view): Maybe the soccer ball ad isn’t the most objective measure of the compare and contrast essays ball’s quality.

Maybe your brother hates soccer. Consider the author’s audience: Maybe that review of the soccer ball was written for how to essay paper Kent professional soccer players, and you want to know how it is for casual players! Think about the context of your friend's decision: What time of year is it? If it’s right around Christmas, maybe your friend’s mom will get it for him as a present. Compare And Contrast! What you already know about soccer is part of the context as well--you know your friend won’t want a ball that’s too bouncy, for example. Buying the right soccer ball might have higher stakes than the AP exam.

If you were going to go back and write an essay for your friend about this after you've reviewed your documents, your thesis might be something like one of how to essay, these examples: “This soccer ball is a good purchase for my friend because it has all the elements of a good soccer ball at a great price point.” “This soccer is not a good purchase for my friend right now because even though it looks amazing, I know my friend’s birthday is in a week and his sister might buy it for him.” Then you would use the “documents” and your outside knowledge (for example, your experience with the writing compare and contrast essays Academy soccer ball and your knowledge about soccer) to writing for kids worksheet Warminster School support that claim. That's a document-based question! In fact, I would assert that the DBQ is the easiest essay to writing compare and contrast Montverde Academy score highly on in the AP History exams. As overwhelming as it might be now to think about all of that information getting thrown at research article you at once, think of it this way: Instead of relying primarily on your knowledge, the DBQ gives you a bunch of sources to use in your analysis. This means you don’t have to be worried you’ll waste five minutes racking your brain trying to remember the name of that guy who did that thing. Writing And Contrast Montverde! It’s important to bring in research analysis Ashville some outside information for a top score, but the main thing you need to do is analyze . 95% of the info you really need is and contrast there. You just have to learn how to use it.

Let's move on to test formatting so you know what to expect from document-based questions. What Does the when writing an essay George Brown DBQ Format Look Like? Each of the AP history tests has one DBQ, and writing Academy, it is always the first question in the test booklet for the writing section (Part II of the exam). When you open your booklet and turn to the DBQ, you will see the instructions, the prompt, and then the essay worksheet School documents. You will have a 15-minute reading period, with a recommended 40 minutes of writing time. The test has two essays, and you will have 90 minutes total to compare essays Montverde plan and write them. You won't be forced to move on from one essay to the other, so be sure to budget your time carefully. You are not required to use the entire reading/planning period. You can begin writing whenever you wish. However, be sure you plan carefully because the writing will go much faster if you have a good outline. That covers the general format, but no doubt you want to hear more about these mysterious documents.

Stay tuned! What's the Deal With These Documents? You will receive up to seven sources. These could be primary or secondary, and they could take almost any form: l etters, newspaper articles, maps, pictures, cartoons, charts, and so on. How To Essay Paper School! You will need to use all or all but one of the documents in your essay. You should go further in-depth on at least four of the documents. (See the rubric breakdown section below for more details). For US History, no DBQ will focus exclusively on the time period prior to 1607 or after 1980, although they may focus on a broader time period that includes one of those time periods. Don't worry, they won't be original copies. Now that we've discussed the purpose, format, and document protocol of the DBQ, we need to discuss scoring.

How much is the writing essays Montverde Academy DBQ worth on your exam? And how do those pesky AP graders even score it? How Much Is the Document-Based Question Worth? The DBQ is 25% of paper School, your total grade. The entire second section of exam is 50% of your grade, and there are two equally weighted essays. The rubric the compare and contrast essays Academy graders use is freely available to you on the College Board website.

Don't worry if these look like gibberish to you. Burr And Burton Academy! I'll break it down briefly here, and go even more in-depth on my article about writing and contrast essays, how to prepare for and write a DBQ. There are four categories in this rubric: thesis, analysis of the document, using outside evidence, and honors Stanstead College, synthesis. You can score up to writing seven points. One point for having a clear, historically plausible thesis that is located in the introduction or conclusion. You can get another point here for Stanstead College having a particularly good thesis that presents a nuanced relationship between historical factors, and and contrast, doing a good job supporting that thesis in your essay. One point for physics using 6-7 of the documents in compare essays your essay. Easy-peasy.

One point for doing further analysis on four of the documents. This further analysis could be on any of the following points: author’s point of view author’s purpose historical context audience. Just be sure to research article Ashville tie any further analysis back to your main argument! One point is just for context - if you can locate the issue within its broader historical situation. You do need to write several sentences about it but the contextual information can be very general. One point is for compare Montverde being able to name an additional specific example relevant to your argument that is when writing George Brown College not mentioned in the documents.

Don't stress if you freeze up and can't remember one on test day. This is only one point and it will not prevent you from getting a 5 on the exam. Writing Compare Essays Academy! All you need to do for uc approved honors Stanstead synthesis is relate your argument about this specific time period to a different time period, geographical area, historical movement, etc. It is probably easiest to do this in the conclusion of the essay. Still with me? Just remember: the most important thing is having a strong thesis that is compare and contrast Montverde supported by the information in the documents and whatever other related information you have around in honors College your brain. If you are an auditory learner, I recommend the following video, which breaks down all the and contrast Academy components you need to get a seven . Worksheet Warminster School! If this seems like a lot to take in, don't worry. You don’t have to writing compare and contrast Academy get a perfect score on the DBQ to get a five on the AP. Somewhere in to use when the 5-6 range can definitely get you there. And Contrast Essays! To get a 3 on the exam (which still gives you course credit at a lot of colleges), you only need a 3 on the DBQ. (See page eight of this document.) Additionally, overall historical accuracy is important but not 100% necessary for every tiny detail of the argumentative Burr and Burton Academy essay.

Anything that is in compare Montverde Academy the documents should be correct, but when you start to bring in outside sources for your DBQ essay on unionization and working conditions and uc approved, you can’t remember if the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire was in compare Academy 1911 or 1912, just pick one and don’t sweat it. If minor details are incorrect and don’t detract from the overall meaning of the argumentative words essay, you won’t lose points. Now that you understand the compare Academy purpose, format, and rubric for words writing George Brown College document-based questions, I'll give you some tips on writing compare and contrast how to get the score you're aiming for. For Kids Worksheet Warminster! Two things will help you crush the DBQ: prepping beforehand, and hitting all the right notes on test day! Rock the DBQ like Jimi rocked the 1960s.

Try out the writing and contrast essays Montverde practice DBQs available online at the College Board website: look here for uc approved Stanstead College AP US History (and here for a complete APUSH practice test), here for AP European History, and compare and contrast essays Montverde Academy, here for AP World History. You don’t necessarily have to write an entire essay every time you practice—it’s also helpful to read the question and texts and for kids Warminster School, then create outlines with a thesis. Ask a trusted teacher or advisor to compare essays Montverde look over your practice drafts and/or outlines with the rubric and advise what you might be missing. Make sure you know general historical trends/periods so you can get that point for how to a college School context. You can find more prep tips in my article on how to write a DBQ. Read the writing question carefully . Make sure you know what is being asked before you start trying to answer. While you read the research article analysis College documents, take notes on what they mean, who is writing, etc. Come up with your thesis before you start writing, or your essay will be a sad, directionless mess, like a boat with no rudder, lost at sea forever. If you aren’t sure of writing Montverde, your thesis yet, brainstorm in your notes — not while you are writing.

Once you have a thesis, stay on topic. If you’re writing about how Smaug wrecked the Forbidden Mountain, don’t start talking about write paper Kent School, how amazing and clever Bilbo is, even if it’s true. Make sure you use all the writing compare essays Academy documents —doing so gets you easy points. However, don’t simply regurgitate sources with no analysis. If you find yourself doing a lot of uc approved College, “Source A says blah, and compare essays Academy, Source B says blah, and Source C says blah. ” make sure you are using the documents to make a point , and not letting the documents use you. A great way to uc approved honors Stanstead College analyze the documents is to make connections between them! Who agrees? Who disagrees? Why? Don’t forget to provide context, one outside example, and a connection to another period/area/historical theme if you can!

That’s three points right there. Compare Essays Montverde Academy! And there you have it! You are ready to start prepping for success. Abraham Lincoln believes in you! I know I just threw a lot of information at research you. So here are some key takeaway points: The document-based question is writing and contrast Montverde Academy a way for the AP to test your skills as a historian! Don’t panic! It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, even though you are getting tons of information thrown at you in words to use writing an essay George College a short time. The DBQ is based on skills that you can learn and practice : writing a strong thesis, using given evidence to support an argument, making connections between different documents and pieces of evidence, placing specific information in a broader context, analyzing an author’s intent, bias, audience, etc.

Need more study resources for AP World History ? See our Best AP World History Study Guide or get more practice tests from our complete list. Compare And Contrast Montverde Academy! Need more resources for AP US History ? Try this article on the best notes to use for studying from one of uc approved Stanstead College, our experts. Also check out her review of the best AP US History textbooks! Or just looking for general information about your upcoming APs ? See here for instructions on how to register for writing compare AP exams, complete 2016 test dates, and information on how much AP tests cost (and how to get AP financial aid). Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score.

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Follow us on compare essays all 3 of our social networks: Have any questions about Stanstead, this article or other topics? Ask below and and contrast, we'll reply! Series: How to Get 800 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get to honors Stanstead College 600 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get 36 on Each ACT Section: Our hand-selected experts help you in a variety of other topics! Looking for Graduate School Test Prep?

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Interesting essay on Marine Parks. Thought this was an interesting read - from Ray Hilborn - one of the worlds eminent fishery scientists - I remember his book on and contrast fisheries biology was the bible when I was at Uni. Date Joined: 09/03/08. Chicken Little brigade won't like that. Date Joined: 25/06/09. Australian Seafood Consumers Mislead by prophets document. Noone emailed me about this, but as its a Hillborn paper, I had it as a pdf, but have noowhere to hang it. Lets see if cut and paste work. AUSTRALIAN SEAFOOD CONSUMERS MISLED BY PROPHETS OF. Professor of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, University of Washington.

DR BOB KEARNEY (AM) Emeritus Professor in Fisheries Management, University of essay writing for kids worksheet School Canberra. Embargoed: 1pm Wednesday, 29 February 2012. There is much gloom and doom in Australia and around the writing and contrast Montverde Academy world about the sustainability of research analysis fisheries. Perhaps the best known example and that most commonly used by those who wish to demonise fishing is the prediction that all commercial fish stocks could be collapsed by 2048 (Worm et al. Writing Compare And Contrast Academy. 2006).

A similar message has been portrayed by claims that all the large fish of the ocean were seriously depleted by words to use writing College, 2003 (Myers and writing compare and contrast essays Montverde Academy Worm) and that we are fishing down aquatic food chains to the extent that soon all that will be left will be jelly fish (Pauly et al. 1988). Each of these pessimistic views of the world has been shown to be wrong. Physics Articles Stonar School. The “all fish gone by 2048” was exposed by a subsequent paper that even included the same senior author (Worm et al. 2009) showing that trends in fish abundance indicated stability not decline and that many countries were sustainably managing their resources. The claim of the demise of high seas tuna stocks reported in Myers and writing compare Academy Worm (2003) was shown to be wrong by honors, almost a dozen follow up papers tracking the abundance of tuna stocks around the compare Academy world, which with the exception of bluefin tuna are in, or above, the range of abundance that supports maximum sustainable yield. (Juan-Jorda et al.

2011). All of the key aspects of “fishing down food chains” have been shown to be wrong; large fish are not all more valuable than small fish, we do not begin catching large fish and move down the food chain, and the mean trophic level of the world catch is rising, not falling (Branch et al. 2010, Sethi et a. 2010). Australia was recently subjected to a college essay paper, the extreme unscientific pessimism about the state of the world’s fisheries by writing and contrast essays Montverde Academy, Sylvia Earle, including her support for the discredited prediction of the elimination of all fishing by article analysis Ashville College, 2050. To support this, and other ridiculous assertions, such as the world needs to stop eating all tuna, she claimed in December 2011, “On land we are maintaining the wildlife by the mid-century we will see extinction of writing compare and contrast fish and seafood”. Uc Approved Honors Stanstead. The facts are remarkably different: According to the List of Threatened Species under the EPBC Act (20/2/2012), Australia already has 27 species of terrestrial mammals, 23 birds and Academy four frogs extinct but not a single extinction of a species of marine fish. Australians should question how they came to argumentative and Burton, be given such grossly biased prophecies about the compare Montverde impacts of fishing on argumentative Burr and Burton Academy our oceans! The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that the percentage of the writing compare and contrast Academy world’s fish stocks that are at or above target abundance levels is more than twice that of those below target (FAO 2010). Most importantly the distribution of areas where stocks are overexploited is not uniform and many countries have few fisheries management problems (Figure 1). Figure 1. Global distribution of fisheries management sustainability. (Figure 3G from Mora et al.) There have been some very serious problems with overfishing around the world, and some of them are continuing.

But the global picture provides three fundamental messages; the problems are not universal, they are not uniformly distributed and essay worksheet Warminster the overly pessimistic view is simply not relevant to Australia. In fact Australians have excellent reasons to have faith in their fisheries management and to writing compare and contrast essays Academy, consume Australian seafood with confidence and enthusiasm. Australian fisheries are sustainably managed. Australia has a great record for how to write a college paper Kent, improving the management of its marine fisheries. Figure 2 shows the proportion of stocks not subject to overfishing (where the level of fishing is below or within the target range to writing Academy, produce sustainable fisheries, in red), and writing for kids worksheet not in compare Academy, an overfished condition (the abundance of fish is above or within the desired target range, in blue). The great majority of writing for kids fished stocks are in very good shape and, even more importantly for compare and contrast essays Academy, long-term sustainability, the situation continues to improve. Figure 2. Uc Approved Honors Stanstead. Proportion of and contrast essays Montverde Australian stocks not overfished and not subject to overfishing. Argumentative Words Burr Academy. Data from table 1.3 of Commonwealth Fisheries Status report (Woodhams et al., 2011). Figure 2 also demonstrates that Australia did not always have its current enviable record in fisheries management. In fact up to about the end of the 1990s the fraction of assessed stocks that were classified as overfished was of concern. The number of writing compare and contrast essays overfished stocks was increasing and overfishing of even depleted stocks was continuing.

Prominent examples that helped catalyse the need for reform included orange roughy, eastern gemfish, southern bluefin tuna and several species of abalone and lobster. As recently as in 2004, 40% of Australia’s fish stocks were fished too hard resulting in overfishing. Figure 2 demonstrates that Australia addressed the how to write a college Kent generic overfishing problem forcefully, particularly in the period 2004-2006, and as a result the compare Academy percentage of stocks that are recovering continues to increase. By 2006, overfishing had been eliminated in all but 10% of the stocks, and as a result the uc approved Stanstead College number of stocks assessed to be no longer in an overfished state increased to 85% by 2010; an extremely impressive performance for compare and contrast Montverde, any form of to use an essay George College natural resource management. Writing Montverde. In fact the rapid recovery of the status of Australia’s exploited fish stocks highlights the fundamental effectiveness of commitment to traditional fisheries management (in this case catch and effort controls) compared to essay for kids Warminster School, attempts to recover terrestrial systems that have been impacted by urban development, mining or agriculture. 0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%2004200520062007200820092010not overfishednot overfishing. Some problems with definitions. There are two commonly used reference points in the regulation of fisheries in compare, the interests of sustainability. First is when the biomass of uc approved honors Stanstead stocks is so low that the compare Montverde Academy long-term sustainable yield has been reduced this is uc approved honors called “overfished.” The second is when the fishing pressure is so high that the long-term sustainable yield will be reduced if fishing continues at this level, this is called “overfishing. As undesirable as overfishing is and contrast essays Montverde Academy it should not be over-dramatised; stocks that are overfished or subject to even moderate overfishing are still usually biologically sustainable with no immediate threat to the survival of the species (there has never been a species of fished confirmed to have been fished to extinction, and Academy certainly not in Australia). In fact fishing levels that technically constitute “overfishing” can be deliberately employed on underexploited stocks for controlled periods with the intended result of reducing a stock to target levels where surplus production and long-term sustainable yields are estimated to be maximized.

Stocks can sometimes remain at lower than desired abundance (technically ‘overfished’) for generations, and still recover under improved fisheries management, as demonstrated by Figure 2. During their period of low abundance reduced catches can often still be sustainable; the yield from the fishery is simply less than it could have been. It is compare essays noteworthy that the essay School classifications of compare Academy fished stocks used in for kids worksheet Warminster, Australia’s official Government assessments of the status of fisheries (Woodhams et al,. 2011) confirm Australia’s pre-disposition to not having stocks overfished. The three categories used in official assessments are “not overfished”, “overfished and/or subject to overfishing” and “uncertain”. ‘Under-fished’ or ‘under-utilised’ are not prominent categories in writing and contrast essays Montverde Academy, Australia’s assessments and underutilized stocks are merely given the ‘green light’ of “not overfished”. This complete concentration on the regulatory side of fisheries management, at the expense of essay writing for kids worksheet School drawing attention to writing compare and contrast Montverde, new fishery development opportunities, is surprising for uc approved honors College, a country with such a huge EEZ but a dependence on imports for the bulk of writing and contrast essays Montverde its seafood (discussed below). Articles Stonar School. It reflects the failure by fisheries and marine environmental managers to adjust policies to recognize the successes of traditional fisheries management in Australia and develop new fisheries, not further restrict existing ones. Relevant international comparisons.

In contrast to writing essays Academy, Australia’s impressive record in fisheries management roughly half of European stocks are still overfished and subject to overfishing. European countries have the problem of sharing stocks of fish that span national boundaries, thus making sustainable management dependent on international cooperation. As the world is aware, international cooperation between a large number of players can be extremely elusive; this is the more so with fishery resources that are shared and mobile. In the absence of binding and enforced agreements for shared stocks the ‘tragedy of the commons’ (Hardin 1968) is difficult to avoid, even for the world’s most developed democracies. Australia, as an island, has individual control of for kids Warminster most of its fisheries resources and very few stocks for which international cooperation is imperative. Australia does not have exclusive control of highly migratory tuna species and for one of these, southern bluefin.

tuna (SBT), the difficulties of ensuring sustainable harvests are apparent. Compare And Contrast. Current biomass estimates for SBT are between 3% and 8% of un-fished levels, approximately one sixth of the level that would classify the essay writing for kids School species as overfished in Australia and trigger mandatory recovery action. And Contrast Academy. Interestingly, the most recent assessment of SBT suggests that even this species is currently recovering, albeit at a much slower rate than is desired. Many developing countries do not have the governance systems nor the political imperative to Burr Academy, manage all fisheries in the interests of writing and contrast essays Montverde long-term sustainability. This is particularly the case for those developing countries where there is intense pressure on fish stocks from local communities for short-term subsistence. Ashville College. In such situations strict effort and catch controls to writing, achieve maximum long-term sustainable harvests of heavily fished species would restrict and articles redistribute total short-term yields. This would in turn, seriously stress many coastal inhabitants who rely on writing compare fish for how to write Kent School, their day-to-day existence. Failure to successfully implement targeted fisheries management techniques that are successful in Australia is common in such countries. Writing Essays Montverde. As a result the reported successes in such countries of essay worksheet Warminster School less specific and less efficient forms of management, such as closures of areas to all forms of writing compare essays Academy fishing, should not be considered relevant to physics articles, Australia.

A number of countries, including the United States, have, like Australia, in recent years made great efforts to eliminated overfishing. As a result the USA has many fisheries recovering. However, it still has more than twice Australia’s percentage of fish stocks not yet assessed to compare Montverde, have recovered. The key reason why Australia and the US have been able to correct unsustainable fishing is that both countries have relatively strong governance and a political and legal commitment to long-term sustainability. Action is underpinned by a legal framework that requires an end to overfishing and/or other identified negative effects of articles Stonar fishing.

Where overfishing has occurred recovery plans are mandated in compare and contrast Montverde Academy, the legislation of uc approved Stanstead most states and/or nationally. In Australia most fisheries must be considered sustainable in accordance with three separate pieces of compare and contrast Montverde legislation; a state fisheries act, a state environmental act and the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act (Commonwealth of Australia1999) which applies to all Commonwealth fisheries and any state fishery from which product is exported. Australia has a governance process for the sustainable management of its fisheries that in the little more than the decade in which it has been enforced has been clearly demonstrated (Figure 2) to be appropriate and effective. Essay Writing For Kids Worksheet Warminster. It is difficult to understand why the writing compare and contrast essays Montverde Academy Australian public is not rejoicing in the success of its fisheries management and why Australians believe they need to essay paper, implement additional, alternative restrictions on fishing, such as more fishing closures in MPAs! Australian seafood supply and demand. While Australia has a very impressive record for controlling fisheries it has limited fisheries production; it remains a net importer of more than 70% of the seafood it consumes. Compare Essays. Human population and per capita consumption of seafood have both been continuously increasing suggesting that by 2020 Australia would require as estimated 610 000 tonnes of seafood imports (Kearney et al., 2003). The most recent nutrition survey by physics articles School, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) projects that on writing compare and contrast average Australians should eat 40% more seafood than they currently do (NHMRC 2011). To meet this projection without increasing its domestic fisheries production (a prospect for which there is no explicit policy and little likelihood under current management strategies which are focused on further restriction of fishing) Australia will need to import approximately 850 000 tonnes of seafood per year by 2020. Fifty two percent by words and Burton Academy, value and more by volume, of Australia’s imports of seafood come from Thailand (26%), China (14%) and Vietnam (12%) (ABARES, 2011), all countries that have much less impressive records for sustainable fisheries management than Australia.

In a 2009 estimation of adherence to the UN Code of Conduct for and contrast, Responsible Fisheries, Australia ranked fourth out of the 53 countries surveyed, Thailand 42nd, China 22nd and Vietnam 45th (Pitcher et al., 2009). Thus by continuing to import the physics articles Stonar bulk of its seafood Australia is effectively exporting responsibility for the sustainable management of the world’s fish stocks to countries with a far inferior record for sustainability (Kearney and Farebrother, 2012). Most of the compare essays Montverde world’s sustainably managed fish stocks are not eco-labeled. Few other food products are so certified. So why should Australians want individual fisheries certified when they are already assessed to be well managed and sustainable under numerous pieces of state and words and Burton Commonwealth legislation? The most prominent of fish certification schemes, that of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is designed for large industrial fisheries. Its original objective was to draw attention to the sustainability problems with fisheries that were supplying the European and North American markets, and there were many problems with these fisheries (see Figure 1). It continues to writing compare essays Montverde, achieve this objective rather effectively and is perceived to bestow a competitive advantage in the market places where the sustainability of competing products is questioned.

However, the argumentative words Burr and Burton process of certification and periodic review of each individual fishery and/or species is writing compare and contrast essays not necessary in essay for kids School, a country like Australia that has collectively well managed, sustainable fisheries. Furthermore, a scheme such as MSC is inherently expensive with the costs being prohibitive for most small-scale fisheries, such as dominate the supply of fresh fish to Australian consumers. Australia has virtually no high volume, industrial-scale fisheries with most of the locally-caught fish sold in Australia coming from small regional fisheries that produce limited quantities of a relatively large number of species. The costs of certifying the huge number of species and/or individual Australian fisheries under a scheme such as MSC would be grossly disproportionate to the value of the product. Furthermore, as each Australian major fish stock is assessed under state and/or Commonwealth fisheries legislation and usually under additional environmental legislation each fishery is already technically certified to meet the compare world’s highest standards of sustainable fisheries management.

Duplication of argumentative words Burr and Burton this certification process would not only threaten the economic viability of compare and contrast essays Montverde many small fisheries but would also likely seriously disadvantage the cost-effectiveness of the whole fisheries monitoring and assessment process. It would of course, necessarily result in a significant increase in price of seafood to essay writing worksheet Warminster, Australian consumers and even to exports from Australia. Under many certification schemes, such as MSC, certification can be obtained even if the species or fishery under consideration is overfished, provided the management system in place is anticipated to lead to writing and contrast essays, stock rebuilding that can be confirmed by assessment. Under current Australian government assessments such species could be certified as ‘sustainable’ under an independent scheme, such as MSC, but would continue to be listed as ‘overfished’ by Australian governments until the recovery had actually been confirmed. Current Australian government assessment principles are therefore more conservative and demanding of assessed sustainability than MSC, even if the assessment process may be less detailed. Throughout Australia overfished species are identified as such and a recovery program is usually mandatory for any species or fishery that is assessed to be significantly overfished. Furthermore, as Australia has extremely few, unsustainable fisheries the cost-effectiveness of providing the public with an unambiguous message on seafood sustainability would clearly be best served by writing, identifying the few problem fisheries that do exist, rather than certifying and re-certifying those that have already been assessed by transparent government processes to be sustainable. A process of listing only those for which there is an assessed problem would not only provide assurance to Australian consumers that local seafood can be consumed with confidence but it would also draw attention to those few fisheries that remain a problem, thereby catalyzing corrective management.

It would also remove the confusion created in public opinion by the inconsistencies in the many unregulated ‘seafood guides’ to which the public is exposed (discussed below). It is relevant to the Australian situation to note that several countries and even states that have high standard fisheries management, for example Alaska, are moving to government certification based on the FAO guidelines for sustainable fisheries of the writing and contrast Montverde collective sustainability of fish and fisheries. Such a scheme would appear to have great benefit for Australian seafood consumers. Why does Australia so understate the how to write a college essay paper School sustainability of its fisheries? Numerous NGOs active in Australia need the public to believe fisheries to be in poor shape to facilitate their fundraising.

Good news is an anathema to those whose business is based on public support for addressing real or perceived problems. There are 16 or more different organisations in Australia that produce ‘guides’ of various forms that are intended to influence public opinion on the environmental responsibility of writing compare essays consuming different seafood species. There are no standards or government regulation of the efficacy of these guides or their impact on the seafood industry they are designed to influence. Research Article Analysis Ashville College. There are no minimum qualifications or standards of experience required of the people who do the assessments of individual seafood species on writing and contrast essays which these guides are based. At the global scale, NGOs are split between those that are opposed in principle to many forms of fishing, such as Greenpeace, and those looking for solutions to how to write essay paper, the bigger strategic issues. Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace became disenchanted with the direction that particular NGO was taking. He recently stated, “The truth is Greenpeace and I had divergent evolutions. I became a sensible environmentalist; Greenpeace became increasingly senseless as it adopted an writing Academy, agenda that is anti-science, anti-business, and downright anti-human”. His more general comments on so called ‘environmental activism’ included, “To a considerable extent the environmental movement was hijacked by political and social activists who learned to use green language to cloak agendas that had more to how to write paper Kent School, do with anti-capitalism and anti-globalization than with science or ecology.”(Moore, 2010)

Equally relevant to Australia but particularly pertinent to the debate over restricting fishing in predetermined areas, are the comments of Peter Kareiva, the chief scientist for and contrast, The Nature Conservancy, a major international NGO based in the USA. He has specifically criticized the MPA movement for several serious distortions. In summary, he argues for a new conservation ethic that depends on maintaining biodiversity in the places humans use, rather than relying on ‘protected’ areas as the primary conservation tool. “For this (a new conservation ethic) to argumentative words Burr Academy, happen, conservationists will have to jettison their idealized notions of nature, parks, and wilderness ideas that have never been supported by good conservation science and forge a more optimistic, human-friendly vision”. “But ecologists and conservationists have grossly overstated the writing essays Academy fragility of nature, frequently arguing that once an ecosystem is physics Stonar altered, it is gone forever. Some ecologists suggest that if a single species is lost, a whole ecosystem will be in writing compare and contrast essays Montverde, danger of write a college essay Kent School collapse, and that if too much biodiversity is lost, spaceship Earth will start to come apart.” “Protecting biodiversity for its own sake has not worked. Protecting nature that is dynamic and resilient, that is in our midst rather than far away, and that sustains human communities these are the ways forward now. Otherwise, conservation will fail, clinging to its old myths.” (Kareiva et al., 2011) The fundamental myth that Kareiva criticizes is compare and contrast essays Academy that conservation equates to write a college essay paper Kent School, protected areas; he argues that the key to maintaining biodiversity is good management of utilized areas. It is writing compare most significant to the current debate that Kareiva philosophy has been developed based on terrestrial systems that are far less naturally dynamic and resilient than marine ones, and in particular Australian marine systems where fishing is tightly managed and not a single species has been lost to fishing Noting Australia’s preoccupation, in spite of its relatively excellent management of fishing, with declaring more and bigger MPAs that are in effect little more than fishing closures, Kareiva’s comments are of particular relevance to Australia. Australian NGOs remain predominantly locked into the past, including their outdated philosophies to which Kareiva refers. The press contains a relentless barrage of anti-fishing rhetoric that is not based on sound science. Spectacular examples abound, including, “bottom trawling, the equivalent of using a nuclear bomb to catch rabbits” (Craig Bohm, Australian Marine Conservation Society, cited in Webster, S. Sydney Morning Herald 28/8/08), or We now fish smaller species like anchovies and sardines, right to the bottom.

We are at the last-chance cafe when it comes to fisheries. (Darren Kindleysides, Australian Marine Conservation Society, cited in Munro 2009). As a result of the relentless anti-fishing campaign public perception remains anchored by the gloom and doom myths that are a central plank of writing for kids NGO fund raising. The failure of Australian government agencies, particularly those responsible for policy on food security and fisheries management, and the seafood industry, to effectively counter the writing Academy negative publicity on the state of Australia’s fisheries remains baffling. This is particularly so in the light of Australia’s need for a great deal more fish. Australia’s fisheries are amongst the most conservatively managed in the world. Most of the world is aware of Stonar School this, but Australia actively refuses to accept the credit! Fisheries assessments that are commonly distorted. Most of the ‘guides’ to which fish Australians should and should not eat list many species for which assessments are given that are highly questionable, at best.

Most have orange roughy at, or very near, the top of the ‘do not eat’ list. Greenpeace makes a particular example of yellowfin tuna; the Greenpeace Australia website still advises Australians to stop selling yellow fin tuna because it is “at risk”. Orange roughy was fished excessively in a very limited number of areas around southern Australia prior to the mid-1990s. Since then management has been extremely restrictive. The species is the and contrast essays Academy subject of a very rigorous recovery plan.

Only a fraction (less than one sixth) of the known area of argumentative words Academy distribution of orange roughy in Australia has ever been trawled and in. addition to all the unfished areas 90-95% of the small fraction that was fished in Australia is now closed to all orange roughy fishing. Essays Montverde. The current annual allowable catch in Australia is less than 1% of what it was in the period that overfishing occurred. There are more than 100 million orange roughy in the fished areas alone of article analysis Australia and New Zealand. Current levels of targeted catch and writing essays Montverde Academy the limited remaining by-catch of orange roughy pose no known threat to the long-term survival of the fisheries or the species (Kearney and Goodsell, 2010). In fact the management of Australia’s orange roughy fishery provides a spectacular example of rigorous management, apparently excessively restrictive, that has completely removed a perceived threat from fishing. Australians should be being told about the obvious sustainability of what little orange roughy is marketed in Australia and encouraged to eat it with extreme confidence.

Yellowfin tuna are significantly under-fished in Australian waters and unlike some stocks of orange roughy they have always been so. When Writing Brown College. Figure 4 shows the abundance in and contrast essays Montverde, Region 5 (Australia) of the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) yellowfin tuna stock, relative to what it would be in the absence of fishing. Even the small decrease in biomass that has been estimated is likely to be at least partly attributable to exploitation of the physics Stonar School species outside the writing Montverde Australian EEZ, not by Australian fishing. Argumentative Burr And Burton. Yellowfin tuna stocks in Australia are extremely lightly exploited and are capable of supporting sustainable yields at least several times higher than current levels of exploitation. The species is spread over writing essays Montverde Academy, huge areas, is very fast growing and has extreme reproductive capacity, females spawning approximately a million eggs up to four times a week, year-round in uc approved honors Stanstead, tropical waters. Compare And Contrast Academy. It is absurd, in fact morally wrong, to uc approved College, advise Australians not to eat the very small quantities of yellowfin tuna that are landed in this country on writing and contrast Academy the basis that the species is ‘at risk’. 0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%1950196019701980199020002010Stock biomass/biomass without fishing. Figure 3. Status of Yellowfin tuna in Australian Zone plotted as a ratio of what the how to paper Kent School stock is now compared to what it would be in and contrast essays Montverde Academy, the absence of fishing. Redrawn from Figure 57 of yellowfin tuna stock assessment of the a college essay Kent Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission. Writing Compare Essays Montverde. WCPFC-SC7-2011/SA- WP-03. Fisheries have low environmental impact compared to alternatives.

Capture fisheries have lower environmental impact than other sources of animal protein. They have lower greenhouse gas output, and use no fresh-water, fertilizers, pesticides or antibiotics (Table 1). Rather than closing areas to fishing because of their environmental consequences, countries with good fisheries management, such as Australia should be utilizing fisheries fully. Table 1. Amount of water, fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics and greenhouse gas emissions needed to produce one portion containing 40g of research Ashville protein, for beef, chicken, pork, dairy and capture fisheries. Water Fertilizer Pesticides Antibiotics Greenhouse gases (L) (g) (mg) (mg) (kg) Beef 2200 50 494 21 16.7 Chicken 1331 18 163 55 2.5 Pork 1331 46 422 53 3.8 Dairy 1178 34 299 50 2.7 Capture fisheries Low 0 0 0 0.3-2.0. The MSC has what is often considered the “gold standard” in fisheries certification. To meet this standard a fishery must demonstrate that it does not alter the structure and function of the writing and contrast essays Montverde Academy ecosystem that is fished.

This is a high and exacting standard that no form of agriculture could meet. Yet environmental NGOs and some retailers are putting fish on “red lists” while at the same time promoting livestock and other agriculture products that have far greater costs to biodiversity and words Burr other aspects of the environment. Yes fishing does have environmental impacts; all human activities do, even breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide, a ‘greenhouse’ gas. The questions that need to be addressed. are, whether the activity justifies the impact, is further regulation necessary, or is there a more environmentally friendly way of compare essays providing the Brown same service? The most obvious impact of compare fishing is that the argumentative and Burton abundance of writing compare Montverde some target species is lower in fished areas; there are usually fewer larger and older fish of exploited species in exploited areas, even if only temporarily. But unlike in the countries with inadequate fisheries management, (discussed above) where there are well managed fisheries the analysis College densities and sizes of fished species are maintained at levels that are conservative and optimize the writing compare Montverde Academy yields that can be taken; this is exactly what assessment of good fisheries management confirms. The maintenance of densities of species at levels that result in optimum productivity has also been suggested to provide an intermediate level of to use writing an essay Brown College disturbance that is beneficial not only for some individual species but for overall biodiversity (Connell, 1978, Krohne, 2001). Some forms of fishing have greater and writing and contrast essays Academy more obvious impacts than others, for example fish-trawling over hard bottoms or dredging in areas of uc approved honors Stanstead College significant benthic communities can be expected to have more obvious impact than line-fishing for pelagic species. But even the writing essays Montverde most destructive forms of fishing (with the research Ashville College possible exception of dynamiting and poisoning of coral reefs, if they are allowed to be called ‘fishing’ and they are outlawed in and contrast Academy, Australia and most developed countries) have less impact than the common and accepted terrestrial activities of urban development and words an essay George Brown College most forms of agriculture. Fishing does not deliberately transform landscapes as does urban development, nor does it clear-fell native vegetation and add extra nutrients and pesticides to help cultivate introduced species to Montverde Academy, the exclusion of the recovery of native flora and fauna, as do most forms of agriculture.

What negative impacts fishing does have are relatively easily managed and even when mistakes are made they are normally reversible within relatively short time, as the recovery of how to a college essay paper Kent Australia’s overfished stocks (Figure 2) demonstrates. Australia’s management of fisheries problems that have been identified is certainly ‘responsive’ and often even excessive; the essays Montverde Academy restriction of the orange roughy fishery as discussed above is research testimony to the occurrence of writing and contrast essays Montverde overly-restrictive management. Trawling is one form of fishing that has been particularly demonized globally and in Australia. As acknowledged above, some forms of trawling, in particular over structured bottoms with vulnerable benthic communities, can be seriously problematic. Words Burr Academy. They need careful management, but they are responsive to restriction, such as Australia has demonstrated with its trawl fishery for orange roughy. Many forms of trawling, however have limited environmental impact. Essays Montverde Academy. Trawling on soft bottoms, particularly in high energy areas where the effects of currents or wave action dominate, may have little, if any, short-term impacts and no detectable, long-term negative consequences. Ashville College. In Australia this has been best demonstrated by writing and contrast essays, the failure to detect any impact on bottom biota of prawn trawling in the Clarence River (Underwood, 2007). A similarly unanticipated result was found in the Great Barrier Reef by Pitcher et al. (2009a). They found. the difference in biomass between trawled and un-trawled areas was only 3%, with many taxa showing no difference and the most affected taxa showing only a 20% difference in abundance.

Each trawl fishery should be considered on individual merit and assessments that confirm that area closures are a reasonable response to honors College, environmental concerns. Areas should not be closed simply on an assumption that trawling is a problem. Australia’s most prominent fish-trawl fishery, the South East Trawl Fishery (SETF), has had approximately 80% of the previously available area closed to trawling (Simon Boag personal communication 24/1/2012). Writing Compare And Contrast Montverde Academy. Of the remaining 20% that is technically open to trawling only 53% was estimated to be trawlable (Williams, A 2006 p109). As a result of these closures the total allowable catches of several target species that are managed under quota are now uncaught because there are no grounds in which to target them. Examples include some deepwater sharks and smooth oreo dories.

Rebuilding the world’s overfished stocks. Of all the write a college Kent world’s fish stocks that have been overfished northern hemisphere cod is the one most commonly referenced. Recent assessments have exposed the lie in earlier gloom and doom predictions. Even WWF states that “North Sea cod, once on the brink as a result of decades of over-fishing, has now recovered to an extent that the writing compare and contrast Montverde public should start eating it again with enthusiasm” (cited in Hickman, 2010) Another of the world’s biggest cod fisheries, in honors Stanstead College, the Baltic sea, has staged a remarkable recovery in recent years following an and contrast Academy, almost classical case of overexploitation in the 1980s and a reluctance to take the necessary action until about uc approved honors 2004/5 (Figure 4). Figure 4. Writing Compare And Contrast Essays Montverde Academy. Trend in abundance of Baltic Sea cod. Data from ICES assessment data base. An even more spectacular recover has been reported for articles Stonar School, the largest cod stock in the world, the Barents Sea (Arcto-Scandanavian) cod which is writing Montverde now more abundant than any time since WW II (Figure 5)

Figure 5. Trend in words Academy, abundance of compare and contrast essays Montverde Barents Sea cod. Data from ICES data base. Threats to marine biodiversity. There is no doubt the world’s oceans are under increasing pressure from some anthropogenic impacts. The major accepted threats are pollution, including ocean acidification, inappropriate development, destructive fishing practices and overfishing and introduced and trans-located organisms. In Australia episodic pollution events continue to physics School, devastate rivers, estuaries and numerous coastal areas, particularly near-shore areas and those with obviously vulnerable biota, notably coral reefs. More insidious and longer-lasting impacts of pollution continue to directly diminish stocks of many marine organisms and increase the vulnerability of even more to disease or other invasive vectors. Writing Compare Montverde Academy. Areas in proximity to higher human population densities, intensive agriculture and/or mining are most obviously impacted. While there is little doubt Australians are increasingly aware of the problems that coastal development may cause, infrastructure development and less than perfect regulation of routine developments, such as marinas, are still a significant issue. The ‘reclaiming’ of very large swathes of sea grass beds and fish nursery areas in Botany Bay, one of Australia’s most productive and culturally significant estuaries, for airport runways and more recently a container terminal, is one obvious example.

Destructive fishing practices and continuing overfishing are no longer significant problems in Australia. Fishing practices are very tightly regulated and where overfishing is detected recovery planning is usually mandatory. As mentioned above the Australian track record in reducing overfishing is far from universal, and many countries continue to overfish. Introduced organisms (species and pathogens), are major and growing problem in Australia. By 2008, 429 exotic species had already been detected (Hewitt and Campbell, 2010) and introduced pathogens, such as the herpes virus that devastated pilchard populations throughout southern Australian waters and several serious oyster diseases are well documented.

Fouling on ships’ hulls and how to write a college essay School ballast water have been identified as the most common vectors for introductions and writing and contrast essays Montverde Academy with accelerating increases in words to use writing an essay George College, shipping, particularly in association with the mineral export boom, the problems can only be expected to writing compare Montverde Academy, worsen. Australia’s fisheries are amongst the how to write Kent School best managed in the world and they are without doubt sustainable. Fishing, as managed in Australia, has not been shown to Montverde Academy, irreversibly threaten the survival of species. To the contrary, it can be demonstrated to be an extremely environmentally friendly source of an essential food, particularly in comparison with other forms of words writing George Brown College animal protein production. Australians should embrace the success of essays Montverde its fisheries management and consume Australian seafood with extreme confidence. However, the perception of the majority of Australians of the School sustainability of Australian seafood is not aligned with reality. Public perception has been distorted, primarily by numerous NGOs and others who benefit from projecting apprehension in and contrast essays Academy, seafood consumers.

These NGOs are out of touch with recent global developments and in denial of fisheries management outcomes in Australia. Their distortion of reality has been based on misrepresentation of overseas examples of inadequate fisheries management to falsely claim gloom and doom for Australia’s fisheries and their impacts. The resulting anti-fishing rhetoric has falsely demonized fishing and led to ill-directed calls for writing Warminster, more restrictions, particularly in areas that are closed to fishing and then called ‘protected’. Australian have been told by writing compare Montverde, health professionals and essay writing School authorities to eat more seafood, yet the country has a serious and growing shortage of locally produced product and writing essays no obvious policies for food security or increasing domestic supply of fish. Australians should demand food security policies that embrace the excellent outcomes of ongoing fisheries management and support the development of more similarly well-managed fisheries in those parts of Australia’s EEZ that remain underutilized. ABARES 2011.

Australian fisheries statistics 2010. How To A College Kent School. Canberra: Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences. Boag, S. 2012. Writing Montverde. Personal Communication January 24, 2012. Branch, T. A., Watson, R., Fulton, E. Uc Approved Honors College. A., Jennings, S., McGilliard, C. R., Pablico, G. T., Ricard, D. Tracey, S. R. 2010. The trophic fingerprint of marine fisheries. Nature, 468, 431 - 435. Commonwealth of Australia 1999. Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

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Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Attract attention with professional resume designs. Finalize and download your resume in compare and contrast Montverde Academy multiple formats. Attract attention with professional resume designs. Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Finalize and download your resume in multiple formats.

Improve your resume with our pre-written text. Health Benefits Administrator/ Administrative Assistant to CBO Resume Example. Company: MS Conference of the United Methodist Church. Date Range: April 2007 to December 2012. Administration of self insured Medical Plan, and supplemental dental and vision benefits to eligible Clergy and Lay participants of the MS Conference. Made determination of how to paper, eligibility, processed new participants, termination of participants, maintained the benefits information of writing essays Academy, established participants, both hard copy and essay, electronic updating to various secure Third Party websites.

Generated monthly billing , posted participant premiums, and collector of past due billing and essays Academy, established acceptable payment arrangements based on the rules of the medical board. The point of contact for all Medical insurance questions and resolution of those issues concerning medical, dental and vision claims.This was accomplished through research and communication with TPA and/or CBO. Coordination of all Board of Medical Benefits committee meetings including notice preparation, meal arrangements, travel reimbursements and attendance. Reviewed monthly statements from Medical, Dental, and Vision invoices for argumentative words Burr and Burton, accuracy and presented to the Assistant Treasurer for payment to vendors. Assist the Conference Benefits Officer in any areas assigned by the CBO. Administrative Assistant/Office Administrator Resume Example. Date Range: September 2006 December 2011. My position as an Administrative Assistant for igxglobal consisted of and contrast Montverde, many responsibilities to research article Ashville College include global administrative duties in Operations, Marketing and Sales support duties. General Administrative duties include: answering phones and writing and contrast, directing calls to appropriate parties, data entry, filing, scheduling appointments/interviews/meetings, receiving and shipping packages, ordering and maintaining office supplies, and scanning documents as requested.

Operations Support duties include: providing courtesy calls, accounts payables and accounts receivable procedures, assisting clients with invoice inquires, tracking and essay for kids worksheet, ensuring proper handling of writing compare Montverde, agreements, and reducing expenses i.e. setting up vendor accounts and essay writing for kids worksheet Warminster School, negotiating prices. Sales/Marketing Support duties include: gathering lists of prospects using search engines, updating, customizing CRM, assisting clients with order related questions, creating/ a. Researched, proposed and implemented vendor services to decrease costs to organization. Frequently used word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software. Supplied sales and marketing support to a sales force of [Number] sales reps. Compiled and analyzed sales and marketing reports. Managed the CEO#8217;s complex and frequently changing travel arrangements and coordinated the pre-planning of trips.

Researched, proposed and implemented vendor services to decrease costs to organization. Directed administrative functions for the directors, principals, consultants and writing compare and contrast essays Montverde Academy, key managers. Distributed company-wide announcements, booked conference rooms and coordinated catering for writing for kids worksheet, annual staff development forum. Located and attached appropriate files to compare Montverde Academy incoming correspondence requiring replies. Coordinated dealer visitations, company special events and other employee morale functions. Developed and maintained an internal client filing system. Administrative Assistant/Benefits Administrator Resume Example. Company: CTCE Federal Credit Union i? Reading, PA. Date Range: 8/1/2004. Planned travel arrangements for Financial Service Specialist and Management. Drafted meeting agendas, supplied advance materials and executed follow-up for meetings for Board of Directors and Management personnel.

Supervised and managed receptionist area, to maintain focus of security to building, including greeting visitors and Brown, responding to telephone and compare essays Montverde, in-person requests for information. Served as central point of contact for all outside vendors needing to gain access to the building for maintenance.Planned meetings and prepared conference rooms.Assisted employees with benefits and conduced Open Enrollment for benefits each year. A College School? Maintained databases for Marketing and management for monthly reports. Maintained an writing Academy, up-to-date department organizational chart.Dispersed incoming mail to words to use an essay George Brown correct recipients throughout the office.Made copies, sent faxes and handled all incoming and outgoing correspondence.Organized files, developed spreadsheets, faxed reports and scanned documents.Received and writing compare and contrast essays Academy, distributed faxes and mail in a timely manner.Received and screened a high volume of internal and write a college essay paper Kent, external communications, including email and mail.Managed daily office operations and maintenance of equipment. Created and maintained spreadsheets using advanced Excel functions and writing compare essays Montverde, calculations to how to write Kent develop reports and lists for writing Montverde, Marketing Director, including extensive merge files for words to use when an essay, distribution to members of the Credit Union. Contract Administrator / Administrative Assistant Resume Example.

Company: Pinnacle Entertainment ˆ“ White Plains, NY. Writing Compare Academy? Date Range: 06/2004 to 11/2016. Identify contract issues requiring clarification or amendment as contracts are being entered or updated in the company Filemaker Pro database. Reviewed and administered contracts and modifications; prepared contract review records and articles Stonar, obtained management approval for any changes. Report status of current contract processes to management. Analyze potential risks that contract changes may pose to the organization. Create language standards and rules for existing and and contrast, new contracts. Follow up to guarantee contractual payments have been made. Filing, data entry, answer phones, proof reading. Administrative Assistant Resume Example. Company: Island Environmental Pest Control i? West Palm Beach, FL.

Date Range: 09/2011 Current. Argumentative Burr Academy? Scheduling and confirming appointments for entire management team. Managing incoming and outgoing calls in a fast paced environment. Successfully established effective systems for record retention by creating database in the Cloud for the company to compare essays Montverde have a better contract retrieval system. I redesigned the department filing system to increase efficiency. School? Manage customer monthly billing. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of compare and contrast Montverde, career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and words to use writing an essay George, writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the writing compare, job you want. Writing Worksheet Warminster School? LiveCareer’s builder, resume examples, and resume writing tips are featured on some of the world’s top online and essays Montverde Academy, offline publications including: Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service. Stanstead College? 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST.

Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in essays Montverde touch with us.

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Compare And Contrast Fox News And Cnn News Essays and Research Papers. Compare and Contrast old and new imperialism New Imperialism of the late 19th and writing and contrast essays, early 20th . centuries compared to Old Imperialism of the 16th and 17th centuries. Essay Worksheet Warminster? Imperialism is the spread of control over territories across the globe. The Industrial Revolution and interests in nationalism created a new period of imperialism around 1750. Old imperialism lasted from 1450- 1750, but imperialism alone remained until 1914.Old imperialism and new imperialism shared the compare and contrast essays Academy same basic concept of controlling. Africa , British Empire , Colonialism 1210 Words | 4 Pages. found Fox News to be an unreliable source of information. Moreover, this news station either on the internet or on . television must never be considered a dependable resource, because of for kids Warminster School untruths, political ideals, and misconstruing quotes. To begin with, Fox News is “either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party” (England). In others words, their reporters, and their programming leans to the right and is not really news but pushing their point of view.

Does Fox News. Fox Broadcasting Company , Fox News , Fox News Channel 1144 Words | 3 Pages. Fox Broadcasting Company and Fox News Network. Works Cited Duke, Alan. Lindsay Lohan's Troubled Timeline. CNN . Cable News Network, 01 Jan. 1970. Web.

06 Feb. 2013. And Contrast Essays Montverde Academy? IMDb. . Uc Approved Honors Stanstead College?, n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2013. Twenty-six Going on 40? Lindsay Lohan's Lifestyle Leading to writing essays Premature Aging, Experts Say. Fox News . FOX News Network, 24 Oct. 2012. Web.

06 Feb. 2013., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2013. Warminster School? Twenty-six Going on 40. 1916 , 1918 , 1920 759 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast Texas Constitution and New Hampshire Constitution. that the state’s law system is base on.

Regardless of writing and contrast where it was created, New Hampshire or Texas, the constitution always went through . different processes of drafting, revising, and amending several times over School the courses of history to writing essays Montverde Academy result in uc approved, the modern constitution as people look at it today. At a glance, there is writing and contrast essays, Texas, a state that is known for its notorious cowboy culture and rebellious history, to be compare to New Hampshire, a quiet little state that locate in the northeast corner of the. Federal government of the United States , Law , Rick Perry 1218 Words | 4 Pages. ? News Perspective Anita LaGrone COM/400 April 27,2015 Shaniece Brickham News Perspective It would be impossible for most . Words When Brown? people to live even one day without mass communication, and writing compare and contrast essays Montverde Academy, yet, many people know little of how the media work and how it influence their lives positively and negatively. However, society has always needed effective and efficient means to transfer information in which mass communication media is the argumentative Burr and Burton result of this need. And Contrast Montverde Academy? Mass communication plays a significant role in modern. CNN , Mass media , News 1661 Words | 7 Pages.

Fox News vs. MSNBC: Opinionated Reporting. Fox News vs. MSNBC: Opinionated Reporting While reviewing both Fox News and MSNBC, I . tried both to find comparative narration in opinion and argumentative, objective based reporting, and found it quite difficult. Compare Essays Montverde? Whether on argumentative Burr TV or the internet sites for the respective news outlets, it was a strenuous activity to find reports that provided commentary on an exact issue. I noticed that several times, when on the websites, one would have articles surrounding what they projected as an important news bulletin. Angela Merkel , Fox News Channel , New York Post 901 Words | 3 Pages. I chose to view CNN and Fox news to investigate the difference between how they relay information to essays Montverde the . public.

I have read that CNN publishes real news and that Fox is just an informational entertainment station filled with opinions about the news . Worksheet School? Immediately it is seen that CNN is very detailed in their broadcasts. Upon watching several stories from both channels, I have found that they basically convey the writing Montverde Academy same exact news stories, just in different ways. Article College? CNN was only a 30 minute segment. Chicago , Contract , Fox Broadcasting Company 740 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and compare and contrast Montverde, Contrast 1984-Brave New World.

creating?” (Orwell, 1950 p.267)George Orwell, author of 1984 released in 1950, present the idea of a society that proves to be a dystopia as it is completely . based on fear and articles, rarely does one see happiness while in the other hand, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World presents the idea of a functional utopia were feelings are destroyed and no one is unhappy because they don’t know happiness but all this could change by the hands of one outcast. These two societies ruled in different ways-one through fear and. Aldous Huxley , Brave New World , Dystopia 1326 Words | 4 Pages. The Road- Brave New World Compare and Contrast Essay. differentiated works of literature can be so similar and yet so different, just by the way the authors choose to use select certain literary devices. Two . different novels, Brave New World, by compare and contrast essays Aldous Huxley, and The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, display these characteristics because of the ways the authors institute such mechanisms. Brave New World describes a futuristic era where humans are genetically manufactured for a certain job predestined to them before they are artificially created, and where common human. Aldous Huxley , Brave New World , Fiction 1905 Words | 5 Pages. New York City.

Compare/contrast essay. NEW YORK CITY There is a huge difference between a city in Stonar School, the Mid-West, such as Columbus in the state of compare and contrast Montverde Ohio, and east coast landmark, such . as New York City. Each city has its stereotype, something everyone can say. For instance, New York equals skyscrapers and lots of people. How To Paper Kent School? Whereas when you say Columbus, people tend to think of writing compare and contrast Academy average size city, rather quiet for it?s size. Lets take a closer look. Essay Writing Worksheet Warminster School? Majority of people have a very set feeling about New York: they love it or they hate it. Some. Big Apple , Broadway theatre , Gang 730 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast Themes of writing and contrast Brave New World and 1984. written by George Orwell and Brave New World penned by Aldous Huxley both possess similar topics and themes.

In both novels societies are . striving for a utopia, or a perfect society. These novels also take place in societies with versions of totalitarian governments, which is a government that rules by coercion. Not only are the topics similar, but in both novels a rebellious character is the protagonist; Winston Smith from 1984 and John the Savage in Brave New World. Another parallel in the books. Aldous Huxley , Brave New World , Dystopia 1159 Words | 3 Pages. A Compare and how to paper, Contrast of the New Product Development Model. Introduction New product developments are one of the writing and contrast Montverde main sources of argumentative words Burr and Burton Academy competitive advantage for companies today. Companies need . new product to keep up with its’ competitors. New product development can be considered as activities that aim to bring new products to writing compare and contrast essays market.

The objective of NPD is to minimize the risk of failure. As NPD absorbs both financial and human resources from argumentative and Burton, a company, it is therefore necessary to develop and implement a methodology for assisting in compare essays Academy, the introduction of words to use an essay Brown new products. Das Model , Innovation , Model 932 Words | 3 Pages. Brave New World and writing compare and contrast essays Academy, 1984 Compare and Contrast. Societies: Two Twisted Foundations Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orewell’s 1984 were both composed surrounding times of words to use Brown war . in the twentieth century. The authors were alarmed by what they saw in society and began to write novels depicting the severe outcomes and possiblities of writing compare and contrast essays Montverde Academy civilizaton if it continued down its path. Although the two books are very different, they both address many of the same issues and honors College, principles. In Brave New World Huxley creates a society which is carefully balanced.

Aldous Huxley , Brave New World , George Orwell 1203 Words | 4 Pages. brave new world, compare and contrast character. that Ford is their God because the society in Brave New World moves away from Academy, culture and identity towards total technological efficiency. Ford . Burr? is the Montverde Academy father of modern automobiles and when George College, of production technology, he represent all things scientific and writing essays Montverde, efficient making him a suitable symbol for them to “worship”. Ford is to their scientific society what God is to argumentative and Burton Academy a cultural one. I believe Huxley chose Ford to become the closest thing to God in Brave New World because he was made progressive in his developments. Africa , Brave New World , Cloning 2162 Words | 6 Pages. Compare And Contrast The New England. ? Compare and compare and contrast Montverde Academy, contrast the New England, the Chesapeake/Southern and Middle colonies. The New England . How To Write Essay Paper Kent? region consists of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The Southern region consists of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Maryland.

The Middle colonies consist of New York, New Jersey, Pennsyvlania, and Delaware. In the New England Family, the Puritans came in large family units, about 8-20 in each family. Essays Montverde Academy? They had a long life span, the women aged up to 68. Indentured servant , Massachusetts , New England 445 Words | 1 Pages. Compare -and- Contrast Essay Comparison/ Contrast Organizer Directions: Fill in the chart first. How To A College Paper? Then write your . title, introductory sentence, topic sentences, and conclusion sentence.

Title __________________________________________ Introductory Sentence __________________________ ______________________________________________ Topic Sentence ________________________________ ______________________________________________ Same Food: 1. Compare Montverde? Food: 1. Write A College Paper School? 2. Montverde Academy? 2. Topic Sentence ________________________________. Love , Milk , Pudding 535 Words | 6 Pages. ?Erin Sweeney FYO Final Paper November 17, 2014 How New is Digital Media? The term “digital media” describes the modern method of global . exposure and communication rather than the actual technologies themselves (such as the internet or mobile phones). When you look closely at Warminster School the differences between “ new ” and “old” technologies, you will be surprised that it is writing essays Montverde Academy, a very short list.

Radio, television, telephone, and picture-taking technologies display images, words, and sounds in relatively the argumentative Burr Academy same. Digital media , Electronic media , GSM services 1925 Words | 7 Pages. Compare and Contrast Leadership and Management 1 Minnesota School of writing and contrast essays Montverde Academy BusinessCompare and Contrast Leadership . and argumentative words, Management 2 Career Aspirations My goal is to obtain a position with my current company as a senior vice president of operations for writing Montverde the Mortgage Division. This position is when writing Brown, currently three positions up from writing and contrast Academy, my current management position. Write Paper Kent? I will need to do a lot of planning and proving myself to continue to rise up the corporate ladder as there are many managers all trying. A Good Thing , Decision making , Ethics 1522 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and Contrast Essay: Brave New World Versus 1984.

Compare and compare and contrast essays Montverde, Contrast Essay Juan Ignacio Pazmino English 11 “We can't be confined to one way of College thinking, and that terrifies . our leaders. It means we can't be controlled. And it means that no matter what they do, we will always cause trouble for them.” (Roth, 2012) Victoria Roth describes the way people act in a society, individuals are different from one another, and therefore have different beliefs, ideas, and thoughts. When a ruler comes into power, he wants to make the whole community think. Aldous Huxley , Brave New World , Dystopia 1675 Words | 5 Pages. ?Name here Compare and Contrast October 16, 2011 Debra Pylypiw, Art 111-100-311 “The Alba Madonna” (1510) by Raphael Approx. . diameter 37 ? in. ; framed 54 x 53 ? in.

Oil on panel transferred to canvas National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. Writing Compare And Contrast Essays Academy? Andrew W. Words To Use Writing Brown College? Mellon Collection Viewed in A World of Art (6th Edition) by Henry M. And Contrast Montverde? Sayre “Deposition” (1435-38) by worksheet Warminster Rogier Van der Weyden Approx. 7ft. 1 5/8 in x 8 ft. Writing And Contrast Montverde Academy? 7 1/8 in. Oil on wood Museo del Prado, Madrid Viewed in A World of Art (6th Edition) by write paper Henry. History of painting , Jan van Eyck , John the Baptist 999 Words | 5 Pages. Looking at basic formal analysis of art work we can compare and writing and contrast Montverde Academy, contrast the formal elements. Such things as form, subject matter . content brings art to life. Line, color and texture give us a mix of styles from abstract to representational, canvas to clay.

Art will give us a new perceptive and apparition for research analysis Ashville College the world we look at daily. Academy? One of the words when Brown most interesting sculptures I have found is, by Kara Walker, Insurrection (Our Tools were Rudimentary)1 (307). The first thing to stand out, this. Chartres Cathedral , Claude Monet , Color 927 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast Economic Market Systems In differentiating between market structures one has to compare and . Compare And Contrast Montverde? contrast public goods, private goods, common resources, and natural monopolies. All of these are major factors that need to be considered. Public goods are those goods in which all of society benefit from and articles School, are equally shared among everyone within. These types of goods can be consumed simultaneously by several individuals without diminishing the value of consumption to any individual. AltaVista , Bing , Google 2751 Words | 7 Pages. Compare and writing compare essays Montverde Academy, Contrast of the Influence the Age of Exploration Had on the New World and Africa. The Europeans, during the Age of Exploration, had an influence on both the New World across the words to use an essay Brown College Atlantic Ocean, and the much closer continent . of Africa.

In both Africa and the New World, Europeans had similar influences in that they negatively affected the natives in their search for riches such as spices and precious metals, and wherever they traveled they would spread Christianity to the natives. One example of this is when Cortes arrived in the Aztec empire he demanded they convert to Christianity. Africa , Atlantic Ocean , Atlantic slave trade 879 Words | 3 Pages. habitually and carefully neat and clean can make for an interesting topic in a comparison and contrast essay. Dave Barry compares . the and contrast differences of how women and men clean in his compare and contrast essay, Batting Clean- Up and Striking out. In Suzanne Britt's compare and how to paper Kent School, contrast essay, Neat People vs. Sloppy People she compares the differences of personalities between Sloppy people and neat people.

Both essays compare cleanliness in one way or another however they both have differences regarding their. Cleanliness , Comedy , Defence mechanism 1482 Words | 4 Pages. Analysis of writing compare and contrast News Literacy Dilpreet Khahra English 1002 Marquette University Being a . developing country in a fast moving technological world is words when an essay George Brown College, tough; India is one of the countries that feel this setback the most. India has always had a pollution problem due to the amount of factories operating along with a fast growing population. Writing Compare Essays? Recently news came out of India showing that the pollution in Delhi is now higher than Beijing. Two news sources that. Air pollution , Broadsheet , Delhi 1583 Words | 8 Pages. ? Compare and Contrast : six sigma, lean, and kaizen Donna Guillory Siena Heights University HCM301-OG, Summer 2015 May . 20, 2015 Abstract This paper will work to compare and contrast six sigma, lean process improvement, and Kaizen. In so doing, it will serve to elaborate on the different similarities in each of these process improvement methods and the ways in which they differ, detailing a clear understanding of each of the three different approaches. Essay For Kids Worksheet Warminster? Keywords: process improvement methods.

5 Whys , Business process , Lean manufacturing 1144 Words | 6 Pages. ?Taylor Thompson Sara Rufner PRPE 108 October 7, 2014 Compare Contrast Essay Being Open Minded vs. Being Closed Minded One of compare and contrast Academy my . Warminster? favorite personality traits and the trait I get the most compliments on is how open minded I am to new objective or things that I don’t really know much about. I like to try out writing essays Academy, new things whether that means going to new places to eat, going to new places around Alaska, trying out essay for kids Warminster, new makeup, anything. Writing Compare And Contrast Essays? I have always been a very open minded person and that’s one of how to a college my favorite. Atlantic Records albums , Mind , Psychology 1155 Words | 4 Pages. • Which external environment dimensions were most relevant in this case?

Why? The most important external environment dimension is the technological. . Writing? News Corps is a media company which has to evolve and adapt with all technological evolutions. The second is the socio-cultural factor, nowadays media are essential, technologies are progressing really quickly. People have higher expectations about communication and entertainment so companies have to satisfy the customers and respond to his needs. Cable television , DirecTV , Fox Broadcasting Company 1587 Words | 5 Pages.

is quoted as an actual question asked by words to use an essay George Douglas Brinkley of compare Rolling Stone to none other than the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, in an . interview printed in October 2012. While a periodical known primarily for essay writing for kids Warminster School mainstream music news , Rolling Stone does employ international caliber journalists, and certainly should be printing a slightly higher quality drivel than a question likely to writing essays Montverde be posed by Burr a child. The reader is not left with the writing Montverde Academy impression of Peter Jennings, earnestly attempting. Fox News Channel , Generation Y , Journalism 2373 Words | 6 Pages. Compare and Contrast Christopher Columbus and essay for kids worksheet Warminster School, Neil Armstrong were both explorers who captivated the compare and contrast essays world with their . Essay Writing Worksheet Warminster School? amazing explorations. Their paths shared many traits, though their discoveries were very different.

While Armstrong was the first man on the moon on July 20, 1969, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue about four hundred years earlier to find the “ new world”. While both Columbus and and contrast essays Montverde, Armstrong had amazing explorations, Columbus made a discovery that would start mankind. Apollo 11 , Atlantic Ocean , Christopher Columbus 954 Words | 3 Pages. Dystopian Society -Compare Contrast Brave New World and 1984. trends. These individuals look at the problems in society and show how to solve them with the use of research analysis College control and power.

Such a society is considered . undesirable and has become known as dystopian society. Writing And Contrast Montverde? In the books 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, both authors depict a dystopian society with some disturbing similarities. Research Ashville College? Orwell and Huxley each emphasize the use of power to control the masses. This power is always situated with a small group of writing and contrast Montverde Academy individuals that uses it. Aldous Huxley , Brave New World , Dystopia 1699 Words | 5 Pages. Writing A Compare And Contrast Paragraph. Writing A Comparison / Contrast Paragraph Comparison? shows similarities between persons, places, things, ideas, or situations. . Contrast ? points out the differences between persons, places, things, ideas, or situations. Research Analysis College? Two Basic Methods for Organizing Comparison / Contrast ? Paragraphs Block Method 1. If you let A and B stand for writing essays the two things (subjects) being compared, then you can use the ? block method? in which you tell all about A, then tell all about B. Thus you discuss A in a block and B. Difference , Lecture , Paragraph 820 Words | 2 Pages. Compare and and Burton Academy, contrast Portland, OR and New York. Writing assignment #2 Compare and contrast essay Over the past ten years Portland and New York have . been vying for distinction of being creative capital of the United States.

They range in size, both geographically and in terms of population, they have very different environments and people, although they have some things in writing compare and contrast Montverde Academy, common, like a diverse art and honors Stanstead, music scene. We can explore these differences and similarities to better understand the significance of each city and the things they. Difference , New York , New York City 651 Words | 2 Pages. Compare and Contrast Essay ENG 121 Crystal Cage December 11, 2010 * . Montverde Academy? I. Words Burr Academy? Introduction II. Smartphone A A. Writing Compare And Contrast Academy? Price B. Screen Size C. Features D. Battery life E. Network III. Smartphone B A. Writing Brown College? Price B. Screen Size C. Features D. Writing Compare Academy? Battery life E. Network IV. Conclusion V. Reference In today’s world, the argumentative and Burton cell phone has.

Apple Inc. Writing Compare And Contrast Essays Academy? , Bluetooth , IPhone 1129 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and Contrast Greece and Rome. ? Compare / Contrast . Compare / Contrast Greece Rome Compare / Contrast Page 1 “And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.” Homer “Wherever the fates lead us let us follow.” Virgil Not all roads lead to it and it most. Ancient Greece , Ancient Rome , Carthage 1159 Words | 4 Pages. #328754 1. Compare and contrast the New Nationalism and the New Freedom. In your view, which of . these programs was the best approach to curtail the concentration of corporate and essay writing worksheet, industrial power? Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt both had a mixture of liberal and compare and contrast Montverde Academy, conservative views. Although they disagreed on things, they both hoped for words to use when writing an essay a better economy. Both policies were for decreasing corruption and economic problems. Writing Compare Essays Montverde? Disagreements and essay for kids worksheet Warminster School, all, New Nationalism and New Freedom paved. African American , Harlem Renaissance , New York City 1266 Words | 6 Pages.

Compare and Contrast - China and writing and contrast Montverde, Korea Most American people can’t recognize the differences and similarities between China and . Korea. When I came to the U.S, many people guessed my nationality, but most of them gave me a wrong answer. Because of the racial mixture between the two distinctive groups, people can confuse a Korean for a Chinese. College? Many Americans think that Asians are Chinese because China is well known as the biggest Asian country and has the highest population in the world. Montverde? Both China. China , Han Chinese , Han Dynasty 1230 Words | 4 Pages. News is presented to the public in numerous mediums, including newspapers, magazines, television programs and the internet. With all of these . sources providing information, it is obvious that some of the articles or stories will not be as reliable as others. By being news literate, capable of research analysis College analyzing news reports and judging their credibility, the news consumer can accurately determine what information should be taken, and what should be discarded as opinion and unreliable.

Criteria for good. Kiichiro Toyoda , Los Angeles Times , NEWS 2677 Words | 7 Pages. Writing and writing compare, Compare-and-contrast Essays. ? Compare and Contrast This type of writing assignment is common. Research Analysis College? On a standardized test, you may be asked to analyze . Compare Essays? literature, evaluate ideas, or make a judgment and explain your reasons. In responding to these types of prompts, you often will compare and contrast characters, concepts, or choices.

You will be asked to identify similarities and differences, which are the key to essay for kids worksheet compare -and- contrast essays. Writing And Contrast Academy? There are ways to words writing College organize your thoughts about compare -and- contrast topics, which will. Comparison , Comparisons , Essay 1384 Words | 4 Pages. ?Stephanie Ihekwoaba English 3341—Fall 2013 Monday, October 21, 2013 New Criticism Analysis of The Crate (Francis Ponge) VS. A Dog After . Love (Yehuda Amichai) As defined by the editors of the Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms, mentioned in a handout given by Professor Tomas Q. Morin, New Critics have the ability to “treat a work of writing essays literature as if it were a self-contained, self-referential object,” rather than intently evaluating a poem on write a college paper the basis of the reader’s emotional. Intentional fallacy , Literary criticism , Literary theory 1519 Words | 7 Pages. going to compare the scientific credibility of two different articles. One being from NBC News and the other being a peer . reviewed journal article. Whether you’re in writing compare, middle school, high school, or college this information is write a college paper, important to compare Montverde Academy know because it can help you improve or hurt your learning ability.

The scientific journal ended up being more credible and how to a college essay Kent, was the and contrast essays Montverde most reliable source; in the following paragraphs I’ll explain why. The first of the two sources was an Burr, article from NBC News , which. Academic journal , Academic publishing , Credibility 894 Words | 4 Pages. Choose a country different from your own. Compare and essays Montverde Academy, contrast what it would be like to live and work in this country to Ashville that of . Writing Essays Academy? your own country.

Use specific examples and provide evidence from research analysis Ashville College, appropiate references to writing compare and contrast Montverde Academy explain your answer. Question Type: Compare and physics articles Stonar School, Contrast Introduction: Working and living in home country and in a foreign country have many differences. As a result, people need to adapt while they are living abroad. In addition, settling a new work place has its own challenges. Without. Canada , Cost , Cost of living 1340 Words | 4 Pages.

Media bias in the reporting of the news is compare and contrast Montverde Academy, pervasive – it is present in a college Kent School, every form of media and writing compare and contrast essays Academy, every style of reporting, no matter how . non-biased one platform or outlet may claim to be. This is because of agenda-setting: the ability that the uc approved honors Stanstead news has to tell the consumer which issues are important. Compare And Contrast Essays? Media of all kinds assert their agenda by many means. In a newspaper, the Ashville College story on the front page is deemed to be of Montverde Academy most importance; on a nightly news show, the story at the top of the hour is. Agenda-setting theory , Concentration of media ownership , Journalism 1098 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast Two Statuettes. Running Head: A Compare and Contrast of Two Statuettes A Compare and Contrast of Two Statuettes . Mary Karr ART 205 ? Art Appreciation November 24, 2007 A Compare and Contrast of how to write a college paper School Two Statuettes I have chosen as the subject of my essay to contrast and compare two female statuettes from writing Montverde Academy, ancient cultures. The first is an ancient Egyptian statuette named The Offering Bearer which was discovered about research analysis College, 1920 in the tomb of Meketre in Thebes and appears to have been made around 1985 B.C.E. by an.

Art , Coptic language , Egypt 917 Words | 3 Pages. ?ARTH*1510 Midterm 2: Compare and writing compare and contrast, Contrast Augustus Primaporta 7.10 Origin: Rome Size: Height 6’8” Material: Marble Period: 20 . ce Style: Veristic style, with stress on maturity, turned to Hellenizing style Description: Portraits see him as ageless, as seen in statue References to previous art and historical events to for kids worksheet strengthen his authority Next to right ankle, a cupid playfully riding a dolphin, Cupid, or Eros, the Son of Venus, symbolized descent from Goddess of love through his ancestor Aeneas. Byzantine Empire , Constantinople , Hagia Sophia 772 Words | 10 Pages. New Kid Being the new individual to join a group is, most likely, an compare and contrast Montverde, unenjoyable experience. Uc Approved Honors Stanstead? When the group being joined is one . in which there is no option to remain distant from, becomes even worse. Specifically, in my life there was the writing and contrast essays Montverde dreaded task of changing schools my junior year in high school. Being forced into writing for kids a new group of people, a group that one must interact with on a daily basis is a difficult task. However, those that reach out and make sure that the and contrast transition goes smoothly, make. 2006 albums , Extracurricular activity , Feeling 915 Words | 3 Pages. Compare - Contrast This paper is on compare - contrast of two advertisements dealing with two beauty . products.

One will be targeted towards men, while the other will be targeted towards women. The two beauty products advertisements that will be compared and contrast are the Axe Body Spray advertisement (18-19) and School, the Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist advertisement (Bath and Body Works). Both advertisements use different marketing promotions technique to try to writing and contrast essays Academy get the attention and essay writing for kids worksheet, win over their. Advertising , Aroma compound , Axe 1093 Words | 3 Pages. ?Ashley Weaver Session B Topic 4 New places New faces Whether you are speaking of writing essays Montverde Academy jobs, friends, scenery or state of mind, . in life change is inevitable. Some welcome it with open arms, while others fight it until the end, whatever “it” may be. We make a choice to handle such things or allow ourselves to physics School be handled.

Success is determined by ability, or lack thereof, adjusting to writing compare and contrast essays Academy these changes presented in our lives. In my case, the change was in words to use when, residence. Though my birthplace happens to. At Seventeen , Minimum wage 912 Words | 3 Pages. remake * Lecture - Compare / Contrast Essay * Lecture Compare / Contrast Essay - Text . Transcript of Audio * Readings Readings | * Find out more about coherence and transitions between ideas. * Introduction to Transitions and Connecting Words. * Visit organizational chart for transitions. * Read about the nature of Comparative Writing. * Explore Comparison/ Contrast as a pattern of development. Writing Compare And Contrast? * See Patterns for Comparison and Contrast . * Notes about.

Bruce Catton , English language , Internet 467 Words | 3 Pages. Comparison and Contrasts of Literary Work Matthew Barnes English 125 – Introduction of Literature Prof. David Makhanlall March 3, . 2012 In my paper I will be comparing and argumentative and Burton Academy, contrasting two literary works of a short story and a poem. The short story and poem I chosen to compare and contrast is writing compare Academy, “Story of the Lost Son” (Gospel of Luke) and physics articles School, “The Boxer” (Paul Simon and Brue Woodley. On my paper I will be writing about the similarities and differences between the writing essays Montverde short story “Story of the. Family , Fiction , Genre 1063 Words | 3 Pages. passive student, they almost spent all of their time for studying and learn what they do not know or understand.

In the school especially in class, when . To Use George? students studying the and contrast Academy front classroom filled with active students who like to learn something new and write a college paper, the active student are very competitive, impatient, ambitious, aggressive, workaholics who enjoy multitasking and frustrated when they delays some task and they do better in school because of and contrast Montverde their work but the passive student are sitting on the. Active , Better Than Ezra , Education 835 Words | 3 Pages. Compare / Contrast The fascination of honors Marilyn Monroe and writing, Audrey Hepburn still stays strong to this day. We often find ourselves . loving the idea of these two flawless icons. Everyone wanted to be them then, and it is still true today. They were two major icons in the 1950’s. How To A College Paper Kent? They were two beautiful, inspirational women. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn really did live the lifestyles of the rich and writing compare essays Academy, the famous. Most people only see the similarities, but in fact, they are more different than some. Academy Award for Best Actress , All About Eve , Audrey Hepburn 828 Words | 3 Pages. Delano Roosevelt entered the White House in 1932, promising a new deal for the American people.

The package of legislative reforms that came . to be known as the article College New Deal permanently and dramatically transformed the compare and contrast Academy politics and economy of the words to use when George Brown College United States. In the field of compare and contrast Montverde Academy relief, the New Deal proved to be highly successful. However, in article, terms of reform, the New Deal legacy may have been unmatched in American history. Although the new deal temporarily ramped up industry to meet the demand for war. Democratic Party , Federal Emergency Relief Administration , Franklin D. Roosevelt 1391 Words | 4 Pages. (No) Gay News = Good News 2012 has been a year of celebration for the LGBT family. Compare And Contrast Essays Academy? Gay news has constantly . dominated the media, became a buzz, and even a topic in the City Forum (????). In March, Anthony Wong proudly shouted “I am gay!” (??????????) on his concert,DJ-turned legislative councilor Ray Chan publicly disclosed his sexual orientation after winning the 2012 legislative election, followed by Gigi Chao announcing her marriage with her wife, Sean, and then concluded by Denise Ho saying. Bisexuality , Coming out , Gay 1065 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and writing for kids worksheet Warminster School, Contrast Essay Boxing is a sport known worldwide in writing compare Montverde Academy, which two people engage in a college essay School, a contest of strength, reflexes and . endurance by throwing punches with gloved hands.

People have favorite boxers in writing compare essays Montverde, different weight categories. Juan Manuel Marquez “Dinamita” and Emmanuel “Manny Pacquiao” are two favorite and how to write a college essay paper Kent School, very different boxers. Writing Compare And Contrast Essays? They had different Amateur careers Marquez proceeds from when an essay George Brown College, a family of boxers, he began boxing in amateur tournaments at compare Montverde age 13. “Dynamita” marquez. Boxing , Boxing weight classes , Citation 1033 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and Contrast of: The Family Crucible: The Intense Experience of Family Therapy Written by: Augustus Y. Argumentative Words Burr And Burton Academy? Napier, Ph. . D. with Carl Whitaker, M.D. By: Queenesha Herbert Argosy University Dr. Kaplan December 18, 2012 The Family Crucible is a book depicting the compare essays scenario and drama of the Brice family’s experience in family therapy with co-therapist Dr. Carl Whitaker and School, Dr. Augustus Napier.

Presenting Issue . Family , Family therapy , Father 1130 Words | 4 Pages. issue was a poultry slaughterhouse that received chickens from various sources out of state but did all their respective dealings within the and contrast essays Montverde state of . New York. Also at issue were the NIRA's demands on labor requirements. The Court showed that all interstate commerce had ended at the slaughterhouse. If the chickens had been shipped out of the state of New York, then the United States Congress would have had the power to control aspects of the business under the honors Stanstead Commerce Clause. It also stated that since. Chief Justice of the compare essays United States , Commerce Clause , Gonzales v. Raich 1060 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast Literature Priscilla Reyes March 31, 2013 ENG 125: Intro to Literature Alice Martin The two stories . I will do a compare and contrast is going to an essay College be on “Country Lovers” and “What it is to be a black girl.” In Country Lovers Thebedi’s social status and her lover relationship with Paulus cause her hopeful nature to be replaced with giving in to his love.

The other story I will compare and contrast to writing and contrast essays Montverde Academy Country Lovers is “The Necklace.” It shows how the girl suffered from. Childhood , Guy de Maupassant , Life 824 Words | 3 Pages. ?Old Story Time and Stanstead, Macbeth 4. Writing Essays Academy? Compare and contrast the dramatic function of deception in two plays. . The two plays that are going to be compared are ‘Macbeth’ and “Old Story Time”. Macbeth is an essay George, written by a well-known dramatist by the name of William Shakespeare. Old Story Time is written by writing compare one of Jamaica’s best playwrights Trevor Rhone. ‘Macbeth’ is often said to be one of Shakespear’s most powerful tragedies. According to Poem William Shakespeare was. Deception , Duncan I of Scotland , King Duncan 1492 Words | 4 Pages. THE THESIS OF THE TWO RIVER OF MISSISSPPI Twain gained a new attitude towards the river when he became a riverboat pilot. After being trained . to navigate the river, it soon lost it's magic, and he became neutral to it's charms. But worse that that, he also saw the dangers to his boat within the river. Not only to use when an essay College, was he desensitized to the majestic, bewitching qualities of the river, but it also became his enemy, trying to damage his boat, the cargo, and writing compare and contrast, the passengers in each of its twists and turns.

Mark Twain , Mississippi River , Steamboat 797 Words | 3 Pages.

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colour resume format I’m Chanpory, and writing Montverde, this is my site on how to live and work better as a designer. You should follow me on Twitter here. For more, check out the archives. The 7 deadly sins of resume design. So you’ve labored with sweat and tears writing your resume, and now you’re all set to turn it into a magnificently designed creation. Unfortunately, with the freedom of modern computers and fancy software, comes huge opportunities for abuse. Physics Articles Stonar? When it comes to compare essays Montverde resumes, both non-designers and professional designers commit some almost unforgivable sins. Article College? Here are the 7 deadly sins of writing compare and contrast, resume design and how to to use when writing George Brown College repent: Take a tour of any office supply store and you’ll see shelves of extravagant “resume” papers featuring special “linen” and “parchment” finishes.

Avoid these like dog poop on a New York summer sidewalk. They’re too expensive and writing and contrast essays Montverde, don’t make you look extra special. To repent: Save your money and get paper with a plain smooth finish. It can be slightly heavier than regular copy paper, but not stiff as a board. Words When George College? An ever so slight hint of cream is writing compare and contrast essays Montverde fine. It’ll make your resume easier on the eyes than the super-ultra-pure-snow-driven white paper many designers are fond of. I prefer Neenah Classic Crest in Natural White with a Super Smooth finish. Never ever use pink paper with strawberry scent. The default typeface in Microsoft Word is Times New Roman, and thus it’s the default for uc approved honors College, most resumes. It’s a tragedy, because Times’s letterspacing and wordspacing is wretched in Word.

The result is an unharmonious mess. To repent: Choose a different typeface. I won’t go into explaining x-heights or the compare essays Montverde Academy difference between Humanist Sans and Geometric Sans. If you’ve got money to spare, pick any of the typefaces in FontShop’s professional collection, and physics, you’ll be a step above Times New Roman. If you’re cheap, use Matthew Carter’s Georgia. It’s free and Academy, already installed on your computer. If you send your resume electronically as a PDF, it also looks quite good on-screen. Essay Writing Warminster? If you need more guidance, check out writing Academy Before After’s tutorial on Burr picking typefaces. Designers fresh out of school love teeny tiny type. The belief is that it looks elegant, refined, and allows for more white space on the resume.

It’s a shame. For all that elegance, no one can read it, because most people in hiring positions won’t have fresh baby eyes with 20/20 vision. To repent: Set your resume no smaller than 9 points for compare essays, sans-serifed type and 10 points for research College, serifed type. Anything smaller, and your resume is at risk of being shredded. Designers also love grey type. On an inkjet printer, grey text looks better because it reduces the appearance of noise. Writing Essays Academy? If you go too light, though, it becomes illegible and unfaxable. But wait, should you really be using inkjet to print your resume?

To repent: Use a laser printer and print in 100% black for ultimate clarity. If you do go grey, don’t go lighter than 75% black. You may be tempted to add decoration like floral borders, rainbow colors, and hearts. An Essay George Brown College? Perhaps, you want to use an illustration of a swan, tiger or unicorn to represent you. This is great if you want to look like a box of crayons melted on writing and contrast Montverde your resume. Otherwise, don’t try to be cute. To repent: Add some character by setting your name slightly larger, or in a different weight as the same typeface as the rest of your resume. Use color, but very sparingly, if at all.

No more than one color in addition to black. If you live in analysis Ashville College the United States, the standard paper size is 8.5 x 11in. In Europe, it’s 210 x 297mm. Anything else will fit awkwardly in a binder or file. When it doesn’t fit, it gets thrown out. To repent: Keep to the standard paper size of your geographic location. It’s easier to print and package. In an compare and contrast Montverde Academy, attempt to stand out, some designers format their resumes in a landscape format. This is more annoying than innovative. To repent: Keep to a portrait format.

The first person who sees your resume is usually a Human Resources person who sees hundreds of resumes daily. Too much variation from the Stanstead norm makes it harder for them to writing essays Montverde make a quick assessment of you. If you want to stand out, write a good cover letter instead. So what does a good looking resume look like? Check out my follow-up post, Give your resume a face lift. Great info but I think the resume format should match the job/industry you are applying to. It also comes down to the personal opinion of the person doing the hiring. I had a resume designed and two people were interviewing me.

One person really liked it and articles School, the other didn’t…But most importantly it got noticed and created conversation. I would say have common sense and keep it simple and writing compare and contrast Montverde Academy, not over done. You will never please everybody so create a resume that reflects your personality and research article, talent. Good Luck Cheers. All the essays Academy comments are great. However, I have to writing worksheet say I have always had interviewers ask me for a hard copy of my resume at the beginning of the interview. Frankly, I have come to view that as a test of your organizational skills.

I think if you suggested that they print it out themselves you would be ushered out the essays Montverde Academy door very, very quickly. hello just asking, what should be the best paper size for resume/cv in honors College philippines. is it short or long bond paper. waiting for reply..thanks^^ To a beginner this sounds intringuing, since simple groups are very natural objects to define, whereas vertex algebras seem more convoluted. , A very useful Design Refresher – Think I need to change some of my fonts around now !! More work … Don’t forget spraying it with perfume (unless your applying to be an escort)! HR people basically don’t give a damn what your resume looks like, as long as they can read it. And most of them just scan it to make sure you fit the job requirements. So forget the nitpicky advice about fonts. Most HR people wouldn’t know a font if it jumped out of the PC and bit them. … You’re probably going to be submitting your resume as a PDF anyway, in and contrast essays Academy which case you ought to make sure the file will transmit OK and uc approved College, be clear enough to copy.

Many companies just ask you to paste a text version of your resume into an online application, which is a dead give-away that they couldn’t care less how pretty it looks. Just make sure you leave out the silly dingbats. I have found in my 10 years in the professional design world that HR are the writing compare Montverde Academy non educated gate keepers of the employment world. How To Write A College Essay Kent? Go get real employees opinions on said workers within HR…most cringe at the notion of going through HR. Really, what do people in compare and contrast Montverde Academy HR do all day? There are some rules that can be broken and and broken well but not unless you’re an artist or graphic designer should you attempt them. Number one advice is write paper just get your resume to writing compare essays the person that will be hiring and avoid HR like the Stonar School plague. Wow, tough crowd.

This is a perfect list of rules for design “begginers”. Of course designers and writing compare and contrast Academy, talented creative types may be able to writing George Brown make an impact by cleverly breaking some of these rules – but you’re probably going to have to use some software other than Word to essays Academy pull that off. If you’re using Word this is your bible with one addition – NEVER USE WORDART. Nice work Chanpory. @James, I was thinking the exact same thing. Tough crowd indeed! @Chanpory, great advice! I’m in a similar role as the owner of a small agency and the resumes I have seen, whether for Burr and Burton Academy, designers, developers, or even bookkeepers, are unbelieveable. Compare Essays Montverde? My alltime favorite was one in Comic Sans (no joke!!).

I think the key point is that design must always help achieve the goal. The goal for a resume is to get an interview. To that end, a resume’s design must help communicate the message/content of the resume effectively. Creatviity can have a place in your resume, but you ought to argumentative Academy be conservative with it in my opinion: what’s clever, creative, and “the best resume I’ve seen” to one person might just be tacky and overdone to another. OK…. this entire “7 deadly sins” is bullcrap. Any designer worth their salt knows that if you KNOW the rules, you can break the rules. Compare Montverde Academy? There is Burr nothing I like more than receiving a fantastically creative resume. After all, they are coming to us to be creative. It lets me see how well they understand how to sell themselves. Writing Compare Academy? I hate to say it, but your resume ideas only makes them look like the cream of the crap… not the cream of the crop. I think its just a matte of time until the resume gets replaced.

Sort of old fashion. I think you are all missing a very important piece—who is the audience? All of these concerns are dependent on the type of job you are applying to (i.e. your audience). Burr And Burton Academy? No matter what you are designing, this is the #1 variable to consider. What is important when applying to a creative job, is very different than what is important in the financial world, for expample. Thanks for the tip on Georgia font – I had Garamond originally, and it looked terrible when converted to essays Academy PDF.

Just tried out Georgia and loved it! When we go to physics articles Stonar School interviews, it’s nice to bring a copy of writing compare Montverde, our resume along. Words Writing An Essay George College? That’s why it matters how it looks when printed. Just because HR has received it doesn’t mean the interviewer will necessarily have it on hand. In addition, someone or someone’s just may pop in on the interview out of interest. I was once take directly from the interview with HR straight to the manager to interview with her immediately because HR thought I’d be a good fit. I’m glad I had another copy of my resume on hand. It’s just good form to bring extra copies of a resume. PS Speaking of bad font; what’s up with the writing compare essays Academy font on this page?!

Its super bold and narrow… and hard to read! Maybe try Georgia instead ;) I’m personally a huge fan of Palatino Linotype. (or its cousin Book Antiqua) It’s a nice serif font that’s easy to read and how to write a college essay paper School, scan down through, it’s nicely formed and spaced and it’s ubiquitous but not always commonly used. And even if you don’t have it you can download it free. Somebody up there also made the point of trying to mimic the compare Montverde style and branding of the company you are submitting to. Physics Articles Stonar School? If possible you should always do that. One idea is to send the cv/resume in writing compare essays Academy a nice folder the same colour as the company’s branding, to use similar coloured paper or to use the same fonts.

If you’re sending off internationally always look up the proper resume and cover letter format for words an essay Brown College, the country you are sending to. For example many countries in mainland Europe also expect you to embed a small, passport-sized photograph at the top of the page. Be sure to use the correct spelling also. Writing Essays Academy? True it’s best not to entrust your spelling and grammar to a college paper Kent a machine, but, if you’re applying from one English-speaking country to another, be sure that you spellcheck it in the appropriate language – e.g. British English v US English. I’ve found, actually, that many computers, for example Dell computers, were always pre-installed with US English as the default language regardless of where they were being sold to. Compare Academy? So be sure and physics, check that your computer and word processor are set to writing and contrast essays the right language for your country before you send your resume to anybody! This is article Ashville College so good to know and follow… I totally agree with kathy, but when you haven’t met the contact person the question would be: what should you present a graphically enhanced CV (Branding), a formal black white CV or a flash animated CV? Unless you are a branding fanatic,to the point that you go on and contrast essays Montverde Academy and brand yourself and make your resume/letter stand out among others, there are definitely several ways to gain a remarkable first impression. It also dependent on the culture of the company you’re entering and the position you’re applying for… and how old are you and your experience…

your CV is your spirit and article analysis, vision, at the end.. and if you get your CV to and contrast a company where they don’t like it, don’t worry… your CV has probably landed in articles School the wrong place… and writing compare and contrast essays Academy, your spirit and argumentative Burr, vision doesn’t suite the company you’re applying for. I truly think design is essential, in order to stand out… but design alone doesn’t make the CV standout… it’s the content and experience and the way you brand yourself. Wow. According to your article, I’ve committed 3 sins: “gray text,” “weird paper size” and “horizontal format.” You probably should also add an writing essays Montverde Academy, 8th sin for kicks that I’ve also committed: “folding.” Now, taken that I’ve broken lots of analysis Ashville, your rules in and contrast essays Academy resume design — why is words to use an essay Brown it that I’ve been working for my company for 3 years and writing compare and contrast essays, 10 months thanks to my “poorly designed resume”? There has to be something wrong. A graphic designer’s resume should reflect his or her craft. It should have hints of their style and should totally have an experience to go along with it. Articles? Designing out of the box is always favored and and contrast essays Montverde Academy, is always put on top of the pile if executed properly.

You should never confine yourself to words when an essay Brown designing freely. Your resume is writing compare essays another piece of your portfolio — one which your future employer will keep. I don’t believe filenames have been mentioned here. When sending a resume electronically, the filename resume.doc is the kiss of for kids worksheet, death. Be sure to change the filename to compare Academy reflect your own name. In addition, use either PDF or DOC, never any other format – otherwise, you risk incompatibility. Many H/R departments also use autoscan programs, and both multi-column and fancy fonts/paper will be puked out rather than scanned in. When sending electronically, the for kids Warminster plainer, the better! Finally, whether or not sent electronically, be brief. These days, virtually no one is writing essays worth a two-pager. The point is to get IN the door for an interview… you can elaborate later, during the how to a college essay School interview.

Hi, you guys would be surprised to know that most Turkish companies require your resume to have your photo!! (It mostly (read:always) works in my favour :P ) yeah, so my resume looks pretty messed up when I try to fit in my photo. It looks like a very detailed I-card! I think a photo within the compare and contrast essays resume screams prejudice. Im not Turkish(I worked and will work in words Academy Turkey again soon) but even when Turkish people apply to Turkish companies they add a photo. By the way, I know for a fact that some American companies ask for photos within a resume too (reference : my Turkish friends who’ve applied to American companies). I wish I could get some points on how to add your photo in your resume and not feel like a complete jackass. :P. As an engineer and industrial designer who needs to compare essays walk a fine line between ‘logical’ and ‘artzy-fartzy’, I have found a san-serif font works far better than all the physics School suggestions above. Compare Essays Montverde? I have been using Tahoma for years and analysis Ashville, have gotten a call-back on every position I have applied for the last dozen years…I am 5 for 5. Tahoma kerns nice and tight and 10pt leave plenty of white space. If you know how, typesetting your documents in compare essays Academy TeX can really improve the write essay paper Kent School font appearance through proper use of ligatures and compare and contrast Academy, a line-break algorithm that evaluates the write a college paper School appearance of the entire paragraph rather than that of the writing and contrast individual line.

It can produce PostScript or PDF files for electronic usage. Failing that, it may be possible to use the research analysis College Computer Modern fonts for writing compare and contrast essays Montverde Academy, which the program is how to essay Kent configured in writing and contrast Montverde other programs like Word, and I expect these would still be a cut above Microsoft’s pet fonts. I think everyone should come out of the argumentative Burr and Burton Academy dark ages. We now have the facility of computers and graphics……why not use them within reason. / Surely an employer with any intelligence would be absorbing the compare and contrast essays Academy ease of words to use when writing an essay George Brown, reading and the content…….not crossing a prospect off because of the compare and contrast essays Montverde font used. Uc Approved Stanstead? Lets move into the 21st century people. As a recent “job seeker” I found this very useful. Writing Compare And Contrast Essays Montverde Academy? though of course we call them CVs in how to write essay Kent School the Uk, the and contrast Montverde Academy tips are all good. Better equipped to avoid the pitfalls now, although I don’t agree 100% with all the points it is none the research College less a useful read. Thanks again. Pat. I think it would be best to send a virus to HR because all in all they never call anyone back.

Most of HR have no clue about compare and contrast Montverde Academy, anything tech, nor do they have any creative brain at writing for kids worksheet Warminster, all. I would rather just meet someone who works at the company itself than deal with a braindead HR zombie.